Friday, February 3, 2023

Bad Cop


An ambitious lieutenant, puts seven bad apple cops back out on patrol and appoints a tired sergeant to keep them in line. They patrol the streets of Los Feliz trying to make sense of a constantly changing world. All unaware of the ticking time bomb in one ambitious meth dealer named Bigfoot. Based on an actual event.

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Thursday, February 2, 2023

The Most Wanted (2004-2005)


The Most Wanted (2004-2005) 

My Very Dear Reader…

If the Universe, Buddha, Jesus, God, or whatever your religion, came together to get this book into your hands, your understanding of the complex world of mental illness will be more advanced, so congratulations!

Any person regardless of religion, nationality, color, or economic power is subject to this disease or its different symptoms, who can also fall into the mistake of believing that absurd, erroneous behavior or outside of what is socially accepted, is part of the personality.

The taboo that currently exists is still bestial, where patients are treated, judged and punished as normal people, that is, with their functional mental capacities. The lack of education in this regard, and the same taboo that has always existed in history, has brought a lot of pain and fatalities in families and societies.

This book describes more than six decades of the author's life where surviving was her only option. The goal is to raise awareness and put into practice in an open, direct and firm way the issue of mental imbalances, and that these issues can be discussed in casual and normal conversations rather than hiding or being ashamed of reality. Or what is worse, attack those people who need help, judge them or abandon them.

Not everyone is ignorant of mental illness, many do nothing about it, even use it for their own interests. So, dear reader, whatever her position, it will benefit her to understand this issue that affects us all equally. These people roam the streets, we either have them at work or certainly in our government.

The most real knowledge about mental imbalances can help you make more calm decisions about yourself, your family and definitely society and your government.

A big hug and deep gratitude from the author for taking her time to light her path and that of others.

Book Review:

This book takes us by the hand to a world where we are shown the harsh reality with which many people have to fight who, although they have a voice and ask for help, are not listened to, or worse still, are ignored or discarded. It sensitizes you, makes you reflect and makes you question how much you are part of the problem or the solution. But it also teaches you something else: it's never too late to learn to heal or make amends. It teaches you to love your past and to have hope in your future, because everything described in this book, and the purpose of having created it, are born from the feeling of love and hope, even after the painful path traveled.

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The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers


The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers:

A question of knowledge

(Ethnographic Trilogy)

What do you know about taxi drivers? Not much?

Well find out here.

Discover what The Ten Commandments of St Fiacre and the 10 Commandments of Road Safety are all about. Discover the lives of taxi drivers: hidden in plain sight, here, there, and everywhere - sometimes, invisible! Learn the history that created taxis, Hackney carriages and all. Consider their urban setting with case studies and interviews from Milton Keynes. And, taxi drivers: who are they, where are they from, how did they get here? Trials, traumas and triumphs. What is 'The job' what is 'The Knowledge'. What's new? All this ... and more.

This book uncovers the hidden depths below simply urban living and then leads the reader into further inspiring knowledge about the 'real me' behind the taxi driver. Who would believe that an accurate, meticulous account of a down-to-earth subject like taxi drivers in Milton Keynes would lead into the deeper fathoms of the human soul and of what lies beyond.


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Difficult Boss


Difficult Boss:

A Blessing in Disguise:

Your Go-to Guide for Dealing with Difficult Bosses, Reducing Job-related Stress, and Thriving at Workplace

Unlock the secret to managing a difficult boss and transform challenges into opportunities with this practical self-help handbook for the workplace.

Are you currently struggling with a challenging boss? Are you searching for the best strategies to reduce stress, improve your productivity, and advance in your career? Or do you want to discover how to manage workplace friction and turn a difficult situation into an opportunity for growth? Then keep reading.

Expertly written with a mix of practical advice, personal anecdotes, and real-world strategies, this concise handbook explores how you can navigate the challenges of a difficult boss and turn a problematic situation into a powerful avenue for professional development.

With plenty of mindset-shifting exercises designed to motivate you to reframe your situation, you’ll discover how to use difficult workplace encounters as fuel for learning and growth. This book shows you how you can improve your workplace relationships, set clear boundaries, stay calm under pressure, and dramatically increase your job productivity.

If your work quality is suffering due to burnout or unmanageable stress, or if you’re butting heads with a boss whom you just can’t seem to get along with, Difficult Boss: A Blessing in Disguise encourages you to take a step back, assess your situation, and develop a balanced and holistic action plan that will carry you to personal and professional success.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The 9 Types of Difficult Boss (and How To Spot Them)
  • Powerful Ways To Reframe Your Situation & Turn Challenges Into Growth Opportunities
  • Practical Self-Care Strategies To Avoid Work-Related Stress, Burnout, & Poor Mental Health
  • Essential Tactics & Techniques For Resolving Conflicts and Developing a Resilience Mindset
  • How To Improve Your Communication Skills & Navigate Workplace Interactions
  • And Much More...

As a must-read for managers, team leaders, employees, and anybody who has struggled in their career, Difficult Boss: A Blessing in Disguise is a valuable self-help guide that challenges you to embrace self-improvement while providing you with key strategies to boost your work-related happiness and transform your workplace problems into secret blessings.

Author Bio: 

Iqbal Hussain is an author, speaker, certified life coach, and business transformation strategist who is passionate about inspiring people to build strong interpersonal relationships and succeed in every area of their lives. Known for his big heart and his outgoing personality, Iqbal has spent over two decades working for humanitarian, environmental, and non-profit organizations including Save the Children International and WildTeam. He’s committed to spearheading sustainable development initiatives, serving his community, and creating a brighter future through transforming organizations.

Iqbal was born and raised in Bangladesh, where he currently resides with his wonderful wife and their two beautiful children. He loves to provide coaching and consultation to individuals and businesses who want to drive meaningful results and improve their professional development. Iqbal holds an MSc. in Climate Change and Development & Sustainable Development from Independent University, Bangladesh.

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The Book of Men


The Book Of Men

A war is brewing in the Heavens...

The Archangels were supposed to be the guardians of mankind – but after Lucifer’s infamous fall, the forces of evil began plotting humanity’s downfall. The Archangel Gabriel became the next to succumb to sin, leaving Archangel Michael locked in a devastating war against his brothers.

Brought together by a brewing conflict that threatens the mortal and supernatural realms, Gailen the Holy Knight is thrust into an unlikely partnership with a demon named Relic and a human lawyer named Auriel in a battle against the fallen Archangels and their army of demonic followers. With the weight of humanity resting on their shoulders, the trio must overcome their differences and use their unique talents to outwit the supernatural army and prevent a coming apocalypse.
They began as enemies, but now their survival depends on one another. Can Gailen find it in his heart to trust Relic and Auriel? Or will their suspicion and hostility spell the end of humanity and the Heavens?

As a fascinating supernatural adventure that intertwines religious themes with thrilling action and larger-than-life characters, The Book of Men is a riveting fantasy novel that explores deep themes and timeless questions.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Self-Regulation and Emotional Well-being for Kids


Self-Regulation and Emotional Well-being for Kids:

Understand, Empower and Equip your child to deal with their big Emotions, strong Feelings and impulsive Behaviors

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Did you know that Developing self-regulation and emotional well-being skills help your child by 12% to have high academic success and decrease by 42% their physical aggression from their peers?

Self-Regulation and emotional well-being are learnings where children can develop and successfully apply knowledge and skills to understand and control thoughts, and emotions, show empathy to others, develop healthy relationships, set positive and realistic goals, and make sound decisions.

As parents or caregivers, after reading this book, you will have a clear answer to these questions:

  • How can you promote and support self-regulation in your child's development?
  • How can you help your child to build self-discipline?
  • What strategy can you use to relax and calm your child while angry?
  • How do you manage your child's negative feedback?
  • What changes in approach or strategies should you make to develop self-regulation and control in your child?

Self-Regulation for Kids allows them to explore, express, and take control of their big feelings, thoughts, and emotions. When children have difficulty self-regulating, it can make it harder for them to get along with peers and family members, hurt their academic achievement, and inhibit their ability to complete activities of daily living.

Self-regulation in kids is a proactive, self-directed process for attaining goals, learning skills, coping with big feelings & emotions, and managing emotional reactions, which fuels children to become socially and emotionally engaged lifelong learners. It needs an ongoing practice opportunity to develop robust self-regulation.

Did you know that to promote self-regulation in a child, you don't need to avoid difficult situations for kids to handle? But to coach kids and provide a supportive framework, the behavior you want to encourage until they can address these challenges on their own.

When children struggle with self-regulation, it often leads to behavior that makes them feel even worse and creates very stressful situations for other family members.

Self-regulation skills include self-control, self-awareness, emotional management, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills. Learning to be brave and confident and tackle challenges is one of the essential steps in a child's development, and it's never too early to help little ones build those skills to feel good about themselves. 

Developing self-regulation is the seed that teaches children to become less reactive and more proactive in their learning with less frustration and distraction. It leads children to self-confidence and positive self-esteem. Child's minds develop rapidly, and toddlers are well on developing positive self-regulation.

By developing Self-regulation and control, you will learn:

  • How to identify and explore their big emotions, unhelpful thoughts, and feelings.
  • How to handle children's thoughts, anger, excitement, anxiety, and sadness.
  • How to use self-regulation strategies in any naturally occurring situations and learn to calm the child's body.
  • How to make a choice and a plan.
  • How to identify and be prepared for a condition that may be tricky for them to navigate.

This book is an easy-to-understand guide for parents, filled with engaging scenarios, plans, and methods that show kids how to be mindful to work through challenging emotions and feel happier.

Therefore, if you need a variety of "essentials" to help your kids learn about their thoughts, feelings, behavior, and actions, then this book is for you and every caregiver. Enjoy the read.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Flexin In My Melanin


Flexing in my melanin is about empowering, encouraging and motivating young girls children preteens and teens to love themselves no matter what they look like to instill morals and build character Kayla takes you on a journey so that she may remind you to be confident in who you are and have the courage to dream big. Reminding you that you are here on purpose for a purse to love yourself and flex in you melanin while being authentically you with confidence love and gratitude with sprinkles of affirmations so you never forget!

Find out more at:
instagram handle: Miss_officialone and @kayln_milan