Friday, October 22, 2021

The Silly Food Misdeeds of Tooty Frooty


This is the story of Tooty and Frooty,
Neither are they big, Nor are they mighty.
All they weigh is just grams Eighty-Eighty,
But believe me friends...They are very very naughty.

Tooty Frooty are two cute and lovable but naughty kittens who are fond of eating Fish and Chips, Ice Creams and Egg Cheeseburgers every day. 

Panic strikes them when they hear that these items are not going to be available in the market. But not ones to be easily defeated, they try their brilliant(?) tactics to ensure that their favourite foods are always available. 

But their silly misdeeds always end up in unexpected results...

A funny illustrated children's rhyme book for ages 3 to 9 which will make kids laugh and also convey to them an important and useful lesson.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021



Scrutiny: Judgment Is Hers To Keep 

Born and raised in Long Island but of Filipino - German heritage, Seandra is close to her parents, friends, and boyfriend Stanley. All she's ever wanted in life is to help others. But when her friends suddenly go missing - the apparent victims of a sadistic methodical killer - Seandra begins an investigation of her own. However, the deeper she digs, the more dangerous the stakes.And as Seandra falls into temptation and an intimate relationship with one of her patients, she finds herself on a path that will test her resolve, strength, and trust. Those closest to her may be the ones hiding the deadliest secrets.

Everyone is a suspect in Mary Paches's sexy and intense debut novel, Scrutiny.


The Lost Baby Doll in Cameron Hills


The Lost Baby Doll in Camron Hill

This book is third in the series it is a murder mystery. The book is staged in Chattanooga Tennessee in 1950. This book is the story of a gang of thugs coming to the city bringing drugs and crime to the town and due to the segregation of the police force and the flooding that left part of the city in ruin there was no way to stop them. Shang Butler the main character goes under cover to try and find a child who may have been kidnapped by the gang .

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Under Quarantine


Under quarantine, a gripping story thanks to a dynamic narrative and the topicality of the issues involved. Paolo Cuciniello, a young Italian engineer, tells of his experience of quarantine in China, where he graduated in engineering and currently lives. The aspects of everyday life of the months spent in isolation emerge as the narrative develops: the rigour in observing the rules, the worry for the spread of the infection, but also the ability to eke out moments of happiness. In the story, the author probes the remotest corners of his soul and does so with the wisdom and sensitivity of someone who, freed from the restrictions of the mind, feels at peace and free. He is guided by Siddhartha. Paolo Cuciniello takes the reader by the hand on a trip to discover his world, his sentiments and the most profound and spiritual aspects of his nature. Coral, his great love, is part of the journey. "Coral is my family now" writes Paolo, who feels an ardent desire to take care of the people he loves from afar, his family of origin, and who continues to preserve a little bit of Italy, even in China.


Monday, October 18, 2021

Without a Soul


Her smooth brown hair with blue eyes was striking. She was voluptuous, erotic and curvy. Men found her mysterious and stunning. He wanted to ravish her and held himself back much too often. He felt like a lion when he was with her.

They both stared into each other's eyes with lust and passion. It was not love yet, but it felt real. Victor tenderly undressed Danielle and kept saying, "You are beautiful."

She did not know then that Victor was empty. She fell in love with him and wanted him to feel secure. He had closed up and was terrified of being hurt again.

"Maybe one day, you will he comfortable being the phenomenal man I fell in love with. You will realize that you are enough and loveable," she whispered to him as she walked away.

Danielle started writing romance novels. She loved escaping into the exciting and passionate fictional life she created on paper. She travelled with her imaginary lovers to distant parts of the world and wrote about happiness on every page. Her men were like Victor — successful and dynamic. 

She slowly opened up her heart and her soul just enough for Roberto, the man of her dreams, to grab a hold and never let her go.


To Begin Loving Again


To Begin Loving Again

Brendan spoke softly as his smoky eyes bore into Vanessa’s soul. “I love your happy, positive attitude. It is fascinating talking to you. I have never spoken to an author before.” Little did Brendan realize that Vanessa opened up his heart and that terrified him. He loved her deeply but was not ready. He ran to the first young, sexy thing he could find and completely discarded Vanessa. He ran right into the arms of the devil. He had lessons to learn and life to experience but her manipulations and lies tore him apart and left him in pieces.

Brendan’s older brother, Mark, was his hero and needed help to save Brendan from this evil, toxic woman. He reached out to Vanessa, and together they made sure Brendan was safe and not sent to jail.

After a few weeks, Mark realized he cared for Vanessa; maybe he cared for her a bit too much. How can he let himself fall in love with his brother’s paramour? 


Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Silence of a Mauritian Student


The Silence Of A Mauritian Student

Claire Valérie was born in Mauritius and her exciting journey has taken her to many countries. Proud and determined to succeed, she was thrilled by her acceptance into university in Malaysia, thinking it meant the start of a new adventure.

She was shocked when her dream of international education turned into a nightmare of bullying, racism and harassment. Taunted for her culture, looks and language, Valérie felt ostracised and miserable. In a monstrous act of betrayal, a person she had considered a friend one day set her hair on fire.

Through a series of extremely difficult events, Valérie found her courage and confidence. Refusing to accept defeat, she learned from her failures and persisted in following her dreams. One of those dreams was leadership and helping other international students succeed. Despite opposition from men who were against women in positions of leadership, she persevered, tackling each obstacle that came her way.

By embracing her strengths and pursuing her dreams, she has proved that actions speak louder than words, and offers encouragement and hope to others who also wish to succeed.

She raises awareness of the dangers of bullying and misogyny, and speaks at events on the value of equality and women in leadership.

This is Valérie’s first book