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From Make Believe Love to Real Love


From Make-Believe Love To Real Love

"From Make-Believe Love To Real Love" is a nonfiction about where Theresa Ary went wrong in several different romantic relationships. It also tells how she finally got things right and found true love. She is sharing this information to hopefully prevent teens and even some young adults from making the same mistakes. Get your copy today on Amazon and follow me on Instagram at resilientbutterfly_author!!

From Make-Believe Love To Real Love

Friday, January 22, 2021

No Footprint is Too Small


No Footprint is too small: 

Overcome grief and trauma after a child loss

Discover One Man's Journey Through a Devastating Loss of His Son and an Inspiring Story of Survival, Coping, and Healing.Whenever a tragedy enters your life, you feel helpless, stricken with grief. Nothing is the same; days are filled with pain and sadness. The only thing you wish is for the pain to go away and for things to go back to how they were.You are mourning the loss of a loved one; you struggle to make sense of it and to piece your life back together. But sometimes, the sorrow and pain become unbearable, and you find yourself falling into the void and hitting rock bottom. However, when you get knocked down, you have to get up and gather strength to set yourself on a path of healing.

Follow the story of Dimas, a father who lost his son to brain cancer. Dimas was a semi-professional basketball player, and he also pursued an acting career as an extra on HBO. The pain and sadness entered his life the first time he received the horrible news, but he was still filled with hope.He dropped everything he was doing to save his son's life, but unfortunately, they lost the battle. 

After that day, Dimas lost all hope, which put him in a deep, dark hole for years until he gathered the strength to get himself out.This memoir is not just a story about loss. It’s also about the process of going through it—a story about surviving the storm of pain and healing.Accompany Dimas on his painful walk through an unknown territory filled with pain, loss, and confusion. Follow him on a path of revelation and realization and find out how he got himself out of the void he was in."No footprint is too small to leave an impact on this world." – Dimas Cintron

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Trump Doorman


Trump Doorman

Dubbed the 3rd Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow. You will read about the Trump love child, National Enquirer contract, mob tendencies, treating of minorities. And why I sold my story for $30,000

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Reforms: The Spirit of Change: Foundation of Social Evolution


Reforms: The Spirit of Change: 

Foundation of Social Evolution

 General premises


The author, a citizen of the United States of America, paraphrases herein this synthesis the content of the book, Reforms, published in the United States. He wishes to exercise his freedom of expression, still in place, and warm everyone, that our nation is sick with a progressive corruption, which if not promptly cured, our American dream, our republican form of government, and our democracy may perish from earth.

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  1. This Nation created with the concept that all men are created equal, with liberty and justice for all, is sick with a corruption endemic. Benjamin Franklin anticipated such outcome two hundred and forty-four years ago when he said that, “we need a revolution every two hundred years because all governments become corrupt at that time.” We cannot deny that corruption infests our nation. The citizens of the United States (and of each nation) must act to reduce, eliminate, and ensure that corruption does not sickens the nation. This nation needs ethic and transparency laws for detecting, monitoring, capturing and punishing those who commit political crimes in the government. The cases of abuse of power and authority in the government and in police departments in the nation have grown out of control. 
  2. The constitution mandates the people to form and more perfect union. Elected and or non-elected representatives of the people in the government ignore and violate the fundamental principles set forth in the declaration of independence, and in the constitution of the Union. Corruption is at every level of this nation, conceived with liberties and justice for all. 
  3. There are obvious abuses of power and authority in the government and public institutions, departing from the path our founding fathers plotted for the Union and for all the people and our posterity. Clear evidence of abuse of power and authority highlights the weaknesses of our constitution, our form of government, and our democracy, driving our Union to its possible destruction. The presidencies of Donald Trump and Richard Nixon show those weaknesses, and the possibility that a strong autocratic president may turn the government into a despotic dictatorship or a monarchy.
  4. The political events in the last decades, or in the last four years, revealed injustices, rule of law violations, and embolden racism. The separation of power is broken, and presidential forces attack the freedom of press and public expression in the last years. We must reestablish that (1) the power of the people as the highest power of the nation, (2) no one is above the law, (3) the governments exist by the consent of the people, (4) the popular sovereignty is the will of the people, and (5) the people’s government must reform the constitution, the rule of laws, and the democracy as the evolution of the nation needs. 

The Situation

  1. The current social, economic, and politic national situation is critical. Our nation is divided and the current executive power promotes the supremacy of a class of people. The idea to “Make America Great Again” has a hidden intention to further divide the people. The nation is going in the wrong and dangerous direction. 
  2. Corruption in governments, like our US government, is a fact of life. Our current government is surrendering our freedom, democracy, and position to foreign adversaries. 
  3. The republican party senate currently surrendered to the executive power, Trump presidency; thus, violating the separation of powers of our republican government. The executive power nominates Justices and federal judges clearly breaking de separation of powers. 
  4. There is abuse of power everywhere, in city police departments, in the senate, in the federal government.  Corruption is not new, but it is in the open  since a few decades back. The president ordered federal forces to squash peaceful protest marches; and authorities kill citizens in the light of day. The presidencies of Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump painted an ugly reality. 
  5. The people is tired of injustices, social and economic gaps created aided by the government. The law is applied in different ways to different people, and those rich, famous, and powerful buy justices. Social and economic gaps grow wider every day. We cannot deny this situation. Cases like that of Rodney King, George Floyd, and many others are evidence of injustices. The economic gaps widens with increasing cost of living, and the homeless population grows throughout the nation. The minimum salaries levels are not just, the equal pay for equal work is not applied to women, the access to health care, as the access to education, is not equal for all. There is no national tranquility, there is no general welfare, and without these there is no equal opportunities. The pursue of happiness is just a mirage.


Our Union, government and democracy, are failing and will continue to fail if we, the people, fail to reform our constitution, if we fail to reduce, eliminate and insure against the reoccurrence of corruption. The governments does not satisfy the six constitutional mandates written in the preamble of the constitution, since 1776, which are (1) form a more perfect Nation, (2) establish Justice (for all), (3) ensure national tranquility, (4) tender the common defense, (5) support general welfare, and (6) secure the benefits of freedom for us, the people, and our posterity. These failures are not in the system itself, the people’s representative’s unwilling to form a more perfect Union cause the failures. Corruption in the government supports or feeds these failures. Failure to reform the constitution, the fundamental idea of a perfect Union—Life, Justice, and the pursue of Happiness—will disappear in the mirage of general welfare—politicians want us to believe—.


The constitution envisioned and said that all men are created equal with certain inalienable rights, Life, Liberty and pursue of Happiness, but these rights are a mirage of the American dream. Condition of inequality is man’s evil ego’s attitudes—selfishness or egotism—, interfering. Equality in the United States is not real; some colonies kept citizens in slavery for a long time. People kept hidden hate, thoughts and feelings of class supremacy, frequently showing in public with murder. The government fails; equality is a mirage. Rousseau said, “it is precisely because the strength of things always tends to destroy equality, so that the force of legislation must always maintain it.” This is why we need to form a more perfect Union. Benjamin Franklin said in 1776, all governments become corrupted with time.

Constitutional Reforms

We have critical constitutional issues, which need reform for a more perfect union. The author synthesizes the reforms necessary, according to his analysis of the current situation. He, therefore, lists in this book and describes some of these critical issues, establishing:

  • total separation of powers: We must eliminate the president power to nominate candidates judges to federal courts and justices to the Supreme Court; this power uniquely belongs to the people.
  • true equality: Equality is an inalienable right endowed by the Creator to all men on earth; so, we must (1) provide true equal opportunity for all, (2) eliminate discrimination, racism, (3) allow equal access to education and health, and (4) foment sustainable general welfare.
  • a nation free of abuse of authority and power: The government is responsible to establish national tranquility; the constitution must set laws to categorize high crime violations. We find (1) president Trump and president Richard Nixon’s actions obstructing justice, hiding and concealing evidence and documents, ignoring the power of congress, (2) police brutality across the nation; recent cases show evidence of these, like the cases of Rodney King and George Floyd, and many others.
  • reliable Justice for all: The constitution considers that all men are created equal, having inalienable rights endowed by the Creator, Life, freedom, and the pursue of Happiness. The government fails to foment and sustain a society free of discrimination of minorities, fails to allow equal opportunities, and fails to service justice on equal terms for all.
  • permanent and effective impeachment procedures: The constitution does not have, but must include, clear procedures for impeachment and trial, and must offer a clear typification of high crimes and misdemeanors, defining standard procedural rules that political parties cannot change at will (for any reason), including clear process to detect and punish the high crimes and misdemeanors. 
  • total general welfare: The government fails to foment, establish, and maintain the constitutional general welfare, as long as (1) homelessness and social-economical gaps and differences exist, (2) as long as ninety nine percent of the population owns one percent of the national wealth and the one percent owns ninety nine percent of the wealth, (3) as long as college education is not free or affordable to the ninety nine percent of the population, (4) as long as the principle of “equal pay for equal work” is not enforced, minorities are underpaid, the minimum wage and salaries is insufficient to meet the national standard of living, and women earns seventy  percent of what men earns doing the same job. 
  • infallible truth that the popular sovereignty: The constitution must clearly state that  the will of the people and national sovereignty, is the maximum power and authority of any nation, and the governments only exists with the consent—the will—of the people. 
  • Remove or reassign the militia: The militia, born with the intent to legalize and defend the possession of arms during the independence movement and war with the British crown, concluded its purpose, and it is now obsolete. The current militia is not structured militarily, trained, and do not offer a reliable defensive element to the nation or to any state. The possession of heavy, automatic, warfare weapons by non-trained citizens is a danger to the public (national tranquility, national defense, and general welfare). The constitution must address this issue immediately, and or sanction to remove the militia, or hierarchically relocated under the national guard component of the national defense.
  • True participative democracy: As long as political parties create their own (biased) government program, people is excluded from participating in the governing process. We, the people, based on our popular sovereignty have the right and duty to determine what the government have to do, every presidential period, to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, foment the general welfare, and manage the benefits of liberty.

Until we, the people, implement these reforms, the corruption in the government corruption will continue growing and the Union may perish.

The author

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Misfit Society


The Misfit Society Vol.1: 

(Generation Babylon) 

Two best friends live their post college lives in modern day America as they gradually grow apart. Luke Beck the former political science major turned drug dealer, life has been in a tail spin since the summer of his college graduation. Luke attempts to rebuild his current existence, but sins of the past bring about fresh dilemmas that may be destructive towards his future, and the future of key figures in his life. Adrian Castro Jr., battles doubt, depression, and dependency. As he lives for the moment numbing himself with narcotics, he narcissistically navigates his way through life's day to days. He climbs the corporate ladder while neglecting his mental health. Both Adrian and Luke are guided by their mentor Jalon Knight aka Juice. Jalon happens to be one of the biggest criminals in the United States of America. Which presents him with dangerous enemies. These worlds all cosmically collide as you are introduced the universe of "The Misfit Society" where everyone is a sinner and no soul is safe!

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A Saint A Day Lent Devotional


A Saint A Day Lent Devotional: 

40 Daily Lenten Devotions for Christians

Let the Saints guide your reflections and inspire your prayers during Lent.

Each day of Lent, this book draws on the life of an inspirational Saint. It explains how you can learn from their experiences and deepen your faith through study and prayer each day of the Lenten season. A related daily passage from the bible is also included to guide your reflections and thoughts.

In addition, every day has space for spiritual reflections on the life of that day's Saint and for journalling your prayers for that day.

This book contains:

  • A Saint A Day from Ash Wednesday until Good Friday.
  • Space to write reflections on the life of each Saint.
  • Journal space to write prayers for each day.
  • Small enough to carry around with you - 6" x 9".
  • Soft glossy cover.

Let the Saints influence your thoughts and prayers and make Lent a special time in your Christian year so that these devotions help you more richly experience God's presence in your life. 

Buy now to bestow Blessings on your Lenten journey.


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Shreya and Rushali are on their individual life journeys till they are united by a common force. Mooncircles is the explosive story of love, passion, politics and betrayals which shape the lives of these women and finally leads to events that are beyond their wildest expectations. But, how did it all come to this? Samar, the guru, stock market wizard, is out to conquer the world of spirituality but will he be hailed and loved by all? Or vice and politics overpower his destiny? In this racy, exciting tale that traverses five decades and a host of luminous characters, the pursuit of conflicting ambitions collide in the most unlikely ways to reveal a miraculous world where love is the miracle. An intense modern-day thriller, Mooncircles spins to an explosive climax.

About us:

We are India’s first collaborative fiction writers. Four midlifers who enjoy writing during their travels and sharing stories. What started as a hobby resulted in our first book Triptease – Nothing Happens By Chance. The book was written over holidays to a dozen cities in India and overseas. We progressed to our latest offering Mooncircles – As The Night Unravelled.
What started as a lark, surprisingly culminated in a gripping tale. We slipped, we stumbled, we fell but we wrote. We argued, we fought, we taught, we learnt but we wrote.
A casual wish, a side remark, a scribble on the paper that slowly grew, in power and intent. Like each brush stroke of a painting, each of a different shade and texture, each cog of the machine, each serving a different motion we set out to complete a cycle of thought, ideas and finally a story.
We leave it to the readers to decide how well we have done with our books. But, we do know that this will be cherished by the four of us for a lifetime. We draw on experiences, impressions and personalities, who surround us. For that we are utterly grateful to our friends and family. Our books are purely a fragment of fiction born and bred in our minds and has no connection with the souls alive or dead.
Each book has taken almost a year to pen and journeyed with us to dozens of vivid locales both in India and overseas as we took our weekend breaks and holidays. The restaurants and caf├ęs at the spiritual centre on the outskirts of Bengaluru, being our favourite haunt. It is these flavours over varied timeframes and places that have enriched our story telling.
We look forward to providing you with entertaining and great stories. A special note of thanks to our initial close group of readers; Seema, Vandana, Mehak, Neetu and Harris. We are grateful to Jaya Nair and Rachna for proofing the first cuts and Nikita Singh for being our inhouse forensics expert.
We have experienced the thrill of experiencing the lives of our characters and hope you do too.