Friday, March 1, 2024

Grace's Daughter


Grace's Daughter

"Grace's Daughter" is a poetic journey through the life of Alyssa Stephens, capturing the essence of her evolution from innocence to wisdom. These verses, beautifully woven, unveil the intricate tapestry of her experiences, from the delicate whispers of childhood to the bold footsteps of adolescence and the blossoming of maturity. Each poem tells a story, a chapter in the book of her life, echoing the universal truths of growth and self-discovery. Through this collection, readers will find themselves reflected in the hopes, dreams, heartaches, and triumphs of becoming a woman. "Grace's Daughter" is a reminder that within every woman is a story waiting to be told, a strength to be celebrated, and a grace to be cherished. This poetry book is a heartfelt tribute to the remarkable journey of youth and womanhood, evoking both nostalgia and empowerment in its readers.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Wally the Friendly Wolf


Wally the Friendly Wolf

Dive into an inspiring story that cherishes our differences and encourages us to see past stereotypes.

Wally always felt different to the other wolves. All he wants to do is make new friends, but the forest animals are scared of him. Can Wally find a friend who can look past his differences and see the real wolf underneath?

With a powerful message about seeing past stereotypes and making friends with people who are different, this inspiring children’s story follows Wally the friendly wolf as he struggles to find somebody who wants to play with him. Sharing an essential lesson that fosters greater kindness, tolerance, and understanding in children, this book encourages kids and parents alike to embrace the things that make us unique.

Book details:

• Features a Beautiful Story With Plenty of Loveable Characters
• Perfect For Children Ages 4-6, as well as The Whole Family
• Shares a Heartwarming Lesson About Not Judging People Based on Appearances
• Great For Parents and Teachers Who Want To Raise Tolerant and Kind Children
• Provides Comfort and Reassurance To Children Who Feel Different
• A Portion of Each Book Sale Will Go Towards a Charity That Supports Mental Health

So if you want to spark important conversations with your child, this endearing story empowers kids to embrace their true selves and never be afraid of people who look different.

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Sunday, February 25, 2024

When It Happens: A Modern Murder


When It Happens: A Modern Murder Mystery 

Paul and Louise have been homicide detective partners for ten years. He is the analytic thinker and she is an ex-military, take-charge badass. He figures who did the crime, she cuffs them.

Paul is shot in the back at his home. Lou starts investigating to find the killer. Paul returns as an apparition to help Lou.

He was doing an off the books investigation for the Governor. The people he was investigating wanted Paul dead.

Lou needs help solving the crime. Paul’s spirit has no way to communicate or help her.

The Devil will give Paul’s spirit the powers needed, if he can take a soul for the Devil. Or, Paul can go to heaven if he saves a soul.

His desire to avenge his death is strong. His choices are clear, take a soul or save a soul. The consequences will last for eternity.

He gets powers from the Devil and helps Lou with the investigation. He points her to a number of suspects, but she charges his best friend anyway. A flamboyant attorney defends Paul’s friend but the evidence is strong. A surprise witness testifies and identifies the murderer. Paul’s friend is acquitted. His soul is saved.

The real killer is a surprise to everyone. Paul pursues the killer with all the powers Satan gave him. The killer runs, but can’t hide. Paul finally takes a soul for the Devil when he kills his murderer. 

He saved a soul and took a soul. Will he remain in purgatory? Where will Paul spend eternity?

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Friday, February 23, 2024

From Surviving to Prosperity and Growth...: Until we Rich


From Surviving to Prosperity and Growth...:

Until we Rich

Simplify your finances, master your money, and find financial peace with this book. Take control of your financial future and enjoy an stress-free life!

Are you tired of feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by your money and finances? Do you want to take back control and be prepared for any unexpected expenses that may come your way? Are you ready to be one step ahead when it comes to managing your finances? And wouldn't it be nice to pay your bills with a smile on your face, instead of dreading the process every month? If the answer is yes, then this book is definitely for you! It contains valuable tips, strategies, and practical advice to help you gain control over your money. With this book, you can learn how to budget effectively, save wisely, and make smarter financial decisions. So why wait? Get ready to have your money under your control and achieve financial peace of mind. Your future self will thank you for it!

The book explores the complex world of money and uncovers the reasons why many people struggle to obtain it. It offers practical insights and thought-provoking theories on how our mindset can greatly impact our ability to achieve financial success. By shifting our perspective towards money and embracing a growth mindset, we can uncover new opportunities for creating wealth and pursuing our dreams. The book also stresses the importance of responsible money management, including budgeting, setting financial goals, and saving for the future. It advocates investing in ourselves through acquiring new skills, education, and personal development to increase our earning potential. Moreover, readers will learn valuable tips on wise investments such as diversification, understanding risk levels, and making informed decisions. In summary, this book provides valuable guidance on achieving financial success with a positive outlook and careful planning.

This book was made using the author's own experiences, so you can trust that it is written from a genuine and knowledgeable perspective.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Dehumanisation: A True Story of Organised Child Abuse



A True Story of Organised Child Abuse

Unwanted and homeless from day one: Social services found Jennie a new home. Tragically she was enslaved into a brutal regime of horrific abuse, extreme neglect, loss and degrading humiliation with foster parents.

It continued behind closed doors in a seemingly well-respected household for twenty-three years. The foster family trafficked her to other sickening perpetrators of organised abuse rings. The death of both foster parents did not stop the hideous abuse, which continued for decades as they hunted down Jennie and her son despite moving thirty-six times.

Jennie developed DID Dissociative Identity Disorder to survive after suffering such severe trauma.

All Jennie knew was shocking betrayal – including what she discovered from her social service records years later.

How she and her son survived is unfathomable, but Jennie's remarkable resilience shines through as she refuses to give up.

“The Stabards were excused from the previous allegation of abusing children in their care.”

“Noted that Faith and Jennie are possibly being sexually abused by the Stabards. If we were to investigate this, our problem would be, who would care for these misfits in society.”

“It is in the best interest to stay where they are as it is regarded they will not have any long-term problems as to the result of the abuse.” 

“These Children are lucky to be placed in a home setting with experienced foster carers.” 

Social care notes 1965 - 1974


Alienated is a powerful, thought-provoking book that offers a new lens to view the world through. It is packed with eye-opening perspectives and actionable wisdom to give the reader a clearer vision while navigating life’s complexities. This book challenges the world you thought you knew, using fascinating metaphors to deconstruct the world around us. The author also provides insights into his journey and past hardships that have molded the perspective he now holds. Sam speaks about how he spent a lot of his life dealing with a continual sense of separation from everybody else, like he saw things in human nature that his peers never did. He never seemed to find his place, worrying that a complete change of character was necessary for acceptance. This vicious pattern of thought eventually led him to wander alone down a dark mental path with seemingly no way out.

He eventually switched his approach, from the ceaseless desperation of acceptance to embracing that very feeling of Alienation he has carried all along. It was from this point that he found fulfillment in his life. The only right thing to do was to spread his insights to readers around the world. Readers who may be currently wandering down that same dark path feeling like they have no place to fit in. This book might be the perfect solution to finding a deep connection to life despite feeling Alienated.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

AI Powered Data Privacy & Data Protection For Small Businesses


AI Powered Data Privacy &

Data Protection For Small Businesses

AI-powered Data Compliance for Small Businesses is an essential guide for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to protect their valuable data and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations. In the modern era of technology, data is frequently likened to the new oil, serving as a vital resource for numerous businesses and governments, influencing their decision-making, fostering innovation, and enhancing efficiency. However, the growing dependence on data has underscored the crucial concerns of safeguarding data privacy and security.

This book delves into the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in tackling the issues of data privacy and security. It introduces the AI Compliance Assistant, a revolutionary tool packed with cutting-edge intelligence, designed to simplify compliance and empower small businesses to handle data responsibly. The book explores the expectations of merchants, underscores the significance of transparent data terms and conditions, and proposes a model for a mutual agreement between consumers and merchants to uphold data privacy.

The book also provides a step-by-step guide that unveils the full potential of the AI Compliance Assistant, guiding small business owners towards the perfect fit for their specific needs and budget. It highlights the differences between the free and paid versions of the AI Compliance Assistant, unlocking the full potential of its value proposition.