Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Wasteland


The Wasteland by Harper Jameson

The extraordinary career and devastating life of T.S. Eliot.

T.S. Eliot is a hollow man trapped in a dreary world. He works at a bank, a slave to the clock, the same routine, day after day. While London's elite enjoy a Great Gatsby lifestyle and poets like Robert Frost are rock stars, attracting thousands of fans to each reading, Mr. Eliot walks past life, peering at it through cracks or around corners. Only in his imagination does the world drip with color. 

Then one day he comes across Jack, an out and proud gay man being badly beaten, and something compels him to intervene. Life will never be the same.

Jack introduces Mr. Eliot to the gay underground of early twentieth-century London and to feelings Mr. Eliot had crammed down and locked away. And with freedom comes poetry. Extraordinary poetry that takes London by storm. But as Mr. Eliot's fame increases, pressure for conformity does as well. Religious intolerance, fascism's increasingly popular message of traditional values, and the allure of untold success present him with a decision that could have devastating consequences. 

The Wasteland is the untold story of T.S. Eliot, his secret struggle with being gay, the people left in the wake of his meteoric career trajectory, and the madness that helped produce his greatest work.

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Bentley Learns to Share


Bentley Learns to Share

This is Kathy Bryan's first published children's book. She has two grown children that she raised on her own. When her daughter was young, she would make up stories for bed time. This is the first book she wrote down. This story was inspired by her greedy dog, Bentley, she wrote this story for her granddaughter to express the importance of friendship over toys. Kathy is a medical coder, lives and works at home in Riverside, CA. She is currently working on her the sequel to Bentley learns to share.

Friday, March 5, 2021

1871: Rivers on Fire


1871: Rivers on Fire is a love story set amidst the events of the deadliest fire in the recorded history of the world. A young wife and husband come to America with the intention of promoting new findings in neuroscientific research. But in their coast-to-coast journey through the country, they encounter challenges that test their commitment to science, turning them instead to issues of social justice and environmentalism. Ultimately they face the fiery, life-threatening tragedies of Chicago and the upper Midwest.

Thursday, March 4, 2021




Shreya and Rushali are on their individual life journeys till they are united by a common force. Mooncircles is the explosive story of love, passion, politics and betrayals which shape the lives of these women and finally leads to events that are beyond their wildest expectations. But, how did it all come to this? Samar, the guru, stock market wizard, is out to conquer the world of spirituality but will he be hailed and loved by all? Or vice and politics overpower his destiny? In this racy, exciting tale that traverses five decades and a host of luminous characters, the pursuit of conflicting ambitions collide in the most unlikely ways to reveal a miraculous world where love is the miracle. An intense modern-day thriller, Mooncircles spins to an explosive climax.

About us:

We are India’s first collaborative fiction writers. Four midlifers who enjoy writing during their travels and sharing stories. What started as a hobby resulted in our first book Triptease – Nothing Happens By Chance. The book was written over holidays to a dozen cities in India and overseas. We progressed to our latest offering Mooncircles – As The Night Unravelled.
What started as a lark, surprisingly culminated in a gripping tale. We slipped, we stumbled, we fell but we wrote. We argued, we fought, we taught, we learnt but we wrote.
A casual wish, a side remark, a scribble on the paper that slowly grew, in power and intent. Like each brush stroke of a painting, each of a different shade and texture, each cog of the machine, each serving a different motion we set out to complete a cycle of thought, ideas and finally a story.
We leave it to the readers to decide how well we have done with our books. But, we do know that this will be cherished by the four of us for a lifetime. We draw on experiences, impressions and personalities, who surround us. For that we are utterly grateful to our friends and family. Our books are purely a fragment of fiction born and bred in our minds and has no connection with the souls alive or dead.
Each book has taken almost a year to pen and journeyed with us to dozens of vivid locales both in India and overseas as we took our weekend breaks and holidays. The restaurants and cafés at the spiritual centre on the outskirts of Bengaluru, being our favourite haunt. It is these flavours over varied timeframes and places that have enriched our story telling.
We look forward to providing you with entertaining and great stories. A special note of thanks to our initial close group of readers; Seema, Vandana, Mehak, Neetu and Harris. We are grateful to Jaya Nair and Rachna for proofing the first cuts and Nikita Singh for being our inhouse forensics expert.
We have experienced the thrill of experiencing the lives of our characters and hope you do too.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Ramz Was Here - The Book


Ramz Was Here - The Book

A collection of illustrations, sketches and walls in Book format! More than 250 pages of stuff!

Hi there! My name is Maksim but I go by Azram or Ramz. I am a illustrator and a graffiti painter. I have been sketching as long as I can remember and actively  painting on walls since 2008. A couple of years ago I took part in the #inktober challenge which consists of making one ink sketch per day for the entire month of October and I sort of never stopped... since then I try to make one sketch, illustration or wall per day. It helped my style and skill growth immensely.

As you can imagine the number of works has pilled up. My wish has always been to publish my own Book. And with all your help I hope to make it happen!

The Book will be A4 format, hard cover and will have around 250pages filled with high quality prints of my works. It will be divided in to four chapters, here are some sample spreads!


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Buffett's Tips


Buffett's Tips:

A Guide to Financial Literacy and Life

Become financially literate, and ultimately financially independent, through 100 tips using the mindset of Warren Buffett, the greatest investor ever.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Freedom of the Press in Small-Town America


Freedom of the Press in Small-Town America: 

My Opinions

In a 9-year career as an op-ed columnist for a small-town newspaper in America’s heartland, Steve Hochstadt wrote about all the key issues of 21st-century American life. From family holidays to police brutality, climate science to fatherhood, partisan politics to economic inequality, to racism and sexism and truth in politics, he covered it all. He used weekly opinion columns to trace our country’s political history as well as his own journey as a journalist-historian. The stories Hochstadt tells are both universal and particular, constructed by observing America and the world from the vantage point of Jacksonville, Illinois, and his own family history. His essays connect national politics and daily life in small-town America.

As a Holocaust historian, child of a Jewish refugee, and admirer of Jackie Robinson, he has a unique perspective on political issues in this country. He relies on his historical background, careful logic, clear writing, and social scientific evidence to back his personal opinions. Hochstadt’s optimistic belief in the power of liberal journalism transforms these essays into a message of hope to all Americans.

Author: Steve Hochstadt. Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. About the Author: Steve Hochstadt grew up on Long Island, earned a BA and PhD at Brown University, and taught history at Bates College in Maine for 27 years and at Illinois College in Jacksonville 2006-2016. His early research measured migration in Germany. Mobility and Modernity: Migration in Germany, 1820-1989 won the Sharlin Prize of the Social Science History Association. The Holocaust became his focus. Sources of the Holocaust is a document collection used across the country in Holocaust courses. His grandparents escaped from Vienna to Shanghai in 1939, and two books reveal the refugee experience: Exodus to Shanghai: Stories of Escape from the Third Reich and Shanghai-Geschichten: Die jüdische Flucht Nach China. He sits on the International Advisory Board of the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum. He is a flower gardener and pancake maker.